Intro to Ashtanga

8 week course


Traditional Ashtanga

adapted and evolved

This unique introductory course guides you breath by breath into the foundational postures and movement patterns of the Ashtanga Vinyasa system.

Several variations are shown for each form, to make the practice accessible to your unique body and circumstance, while also challenging you to progress.

As you follow the course, you develop an expandable sequence that you can practice anywhere, on your own, to the cadence of your own breath.

16 Stage Practice Plan

The practice plan has 16 stages.  You can take your time with each stage (you have lifetime access to the course) or advance as much as two stages each week.  Upon completion, you will have a balanced Ashtanga practice with 30 potent forms, imprinted in your visceral memory. 

Practice on Your Own

Ashtanga is traditionally a self-guided practice.  Instead of following the voice of a teacher, you learn to practice on your own.  This course is designed to give you that autonomy, so you can practice anywhere, anytime, in silence.



The practice of Ashtanga can change your life. You can learn to breathe more deeply, move more smoothly, and be more comfortable in your skin. Start your transformation today!


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