A concise exposition of the fundamentals, this course offers refined instruction in the most potent of yoga practices.  More than an illustration of breathing practices, the course covers posture, attention, bandha, mudra, and the visualization of the subtle body.  It describes each of these elements with care, then guides you through a potent pranayama sequence that you can integrate into your regular practice routine. This sequence is designed to balance the opposing forces of the subtle breath, to draw the attention into the midline of the body, and to slide naturally into an experience of spontaneous absorption.

Pranayama is the practice of giving space to the breath, and feeling the breath unfold naturally into the open space of awareness.  This practice reconnects us to the source of our vitality, to the natural intelligence that sustains our vital processes with each breath.  When we connect to that source, we come back to ourselves, back to our natural sense of wonder and generosity.

Potent and Traditional

The practice detailed in this course is based on the original Ashtanga pranayama sequence.  The sequence has been adapted for accessibility, and appended with a series of visualizations from the broader Hatha tradition.  These are designed to draw the attention upward through the hollow center of the body, and to leave the mind in an open and receptive but settled and quiescent state.  This course contains over 90 minutes of video material and gives detailed instruction on the following practices:




Nadi Shodana





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