This unique collection of teachings offers an integrated perspective on the art and philosophy of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.  More than an illustration of postures, it reveals the internal forms of breath, bandha and mudra that bring the practice alive.  It uncovers the foundational psychodynamics of the practice to expose the hidden connections between the ardent practices of yoga and the ecstatic experience of unraveling the mind.  Most importantly, it offers an abundance of practical advice, lucid instruction and philosophical insight to empower you to unfold the elusive experience of yoga on your own.

Each of the 10 workshops includes beautifully crafted video and written material organized thematically and indexed for easy reference, and internal forums for you to ask any questions you may have.


1. Surya Namaskar

An illuminating exposition of the foundational sequence of the Ashtanga Vinyasa system, this course introduces the concepts on which the others depend. It explains the basic visceral vocabulary of prana and apana, and presents Surya Namaskar as an attempt to balance these patterns and feel into their continuous nature.  See more.

2. Mula Bandha

This course explores the upward movement of breath and attention that brings the pratice alive.  It introduces Mula Bandha as both a spontaneous experience and a series of closely related techniques for drawing the force of desire upward into higher levels of consciousness.

3. Folding to Infinity

An account of forward folding that focuses on the internal flow of breath through Ida and Pingala, the main respiratory meridians, this course shows how to use forward folding to draw the dissolving force of apana upward, into the open radiance of the heart.

4. Coiling the Serpent's Tail

This unique course teaches the coiling of the spine as a primitive movement pattern that awakens the serpentine force of apana.  In connecting with this pattern, we cultivate the strongest possible ground of psychophysical support for asanas of every kind.

5. Spiraling Up

Spiraling is one of the more potent methods of churning the waters of the mind.  This course teaches a unique approach to spiraling, which emphasizes the release of the sacrum and pelvis to encourage the upward flow of breath through the center line.

6. Opening The Lotus

This course teachs several variants of the lotus posture, one of the crowning jewels of asana practice.  It shows how to open the lotus slowly and gently, and how to taste its floral nectar rising upward from the base of the pelvis through the vibrant pistil of the spine.

7. Thread of Breath

Ashtanga Vinyasa draws the breath in long arcing lines through the center of the body.  In this course, we learn to follow those lines with our attention, imbuing our movements with weightless elegance and fluidity.  See more.

8. Backbending

This course exposes the secrets of deep backbending. It teaches you how to use the internal movements of the breath together with subtle actions of the pelvis, belly and diaphragm to sustain a long and supple spine that moves gracefully into these difficult and exhilarating forms.  See more.

9. Closing Sequence

The closing sequence is a crucial element for rebalancing the upward pattern of subtle breath that is drawn and redrawn so relentlessly throughout the Ashtanga practice.  This course describes the subtle mechanics of the closing sequence, and offers gentle variations.

10. Pranayama

A clear and concise exposition of the fundamentals, this course offers refined instruction in this most potent of yoga practices, and it guides you carefully through a pranayama sequence that you can integrate into your daily practice and gradually expand on your own.  See more.

Precise and Illuminating

These workshops are designed for serious students and teachers of Ashtanga.  If you practice at home, without the direction of an experienced teacher, these teachings will be an indispensable source of guidance and inspiration.  If you are an Ashtanga teacher, or you teach another vinyasa style, these workshops will give you an edge on the more subtle and internal dimensions of the form, allowing you to approach your teaching with new precision and clarity.

Though replete with advanced instruction in asana, this series is not about disciplining the body into this or that shape, but opening your experience of the body to the organic flow of consciousness on which it already naturally depends. The purpose of these teachings, and the intention with which they were created, is to inspire you to uncover that flow within yourself, so that you too can taste the sweet nectar of yoga.

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