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The Spirit of Ashtanga

Jan 30 - Mar 13

online workshop series

live classes SUNDAYS Feb 6 - Mar 13


The Spirit of Ashtanga

Jan 30 - Mar 13

A visceral exploration of the animating forces of life...


What's on the inside?


Ashtanga Vinyasa is a moving meditation on the breath, a visceral exploration of the animating forces of life. The practice is to feel these forces moving through the body, and make space for their nourishing energies to flow.

In this course, we remove the veil of external alignment to explore the internal movements of the breath.  We learn how Ashtanga Vinyasa can enhance these movements, and how we can use them to participate consciously in the internal process of Hatha Yoga.

This is an opportunity to connect the bodily movements of Ashtanga with the internal process of Hatha Yoga, and uncover the esoteric meaning of this beautiful contemplative ritual, in which we open the inner spaces of our bodies, and make room within ourselves for consciousness to breathe.


Spirit of Ashtanga

Jan 30 - Mar 13

• six weeks of instructional video release

• six sundays of practice and conversation (feb 6, feb 13, feb 20, feb 27, mar 6, mar 13)

• ongoing discussion forum


$220 USD


The Details


Each week we'll post two new workshops.

Each workshop is about 30 minutes long, shot last November by Alessandro Sigismondi.

We'll meet each Sunday to practice and talk.

Six consecutive Sundays, 8AM-10AM MT.  These are light practice and discussion sessions, designed to help us connect more viscerally to the material. (SUNDAYS Feb 6, 13, 20, 27, Mar 6, 13)


 All sessions will be recorded and reposted.
The recordings will be added to the course page within 24 hours, so you can watch them later if you can't make it live.







Serpent Imagery

Balanced Breath

Psoas Lines

The Primitive Streak

Spinal Waves

Holding the Root

Lifting Belly

Rolling Up

Breathing in Backbends

Chakra Meditation

The Cosmic Body

Siva and Sakti